Sunday, April 30, 2017

May Pixel Scrapper

I am so happy it is May. May is one of my favorite months of the year- the weather turns nice, the school year starts coming to an end, and we happen to have lots of birthdays. So, first up I have the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train.

The theme this month was destinations, and of course I did my home city of Chicago (even though I no longer live there, I still live in close proximity, and am in the city at least monthly if not every day for my son's shows!). My blog train submission is only a very small part of what ended up being a much bigger kit that will be available in my Etsy store next weekend.

Download from Google Drive HERE.

Don't forget to visit Pixel Scrapper to pick up the rest of the destinations!


  1. Очень интересный набор - красивый! Большое спасибо за подрок!

  2. love the kit. thanks for sharing

  3. Thank-You. I look forward to opening this up and exploring your destination.

  4. Gorgeous kit!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!